The Old Nobby Molecular modelling kit is designed for Easy Chemistry learning for organic, inorganic and functional groups.

Old Nobby Organic Chemistry Model Kit (239 Pieces)

Old Nobby Organic Chemistry Model Kit (115 Pieces).


Delivering a molecular kit that will easily help students identify all atom formation and its composition.

Easy Chemistry Learning

Allow students be it in school or homeschooled to learn more and understand different composition of atoms and molecules.

Universal Standards

All atoms are color coded to universal standards, making it easier for your children to understand.

Visual Demonstration

Easily demonstrate the structure and geometry of compounds

Quality Time

Enjoy quality time with your kids as you teach them different formation of atoms.

“Perfect product”

I really liked it. It’s helping me a lot in studying organic chem especially the molecular structures


“Best for studying ochem””

This helps me to really learn about structures and stuff. Really recommend it!!


“Love it!”

Awesome for my Organic Chem class!


“Very easy to use, great model kit”

Very easy to use and greatly aid in the visualization of most molecules


“Great Chemistry Kit”

Very solid well-crafted kit. Highly recommend for anyone taking a chemistry class.


“Great for Studying Molecular Structures!”

Great addition for those in college level chemistry courses who are not the best visual-minded learners.

Alexis Ashby

“AWESOME Model Kit!!! A+++”

Really helped my daughter to visually understand molecular structures

Amazon Customer


had very thing I needed for class

Christine boozer

“Great Set”

Fantastic kit, best one out there!!/p>

James Kimball

“Love it”

It really is good quality and a lot of fun. I’m thinking about getting a second one.


“Love it”

It really is good quality and a lot of fun. I’m thinking about getting a second one.


“Fantastic Organic Chemistry Kit”

Really high quality and it’s much cheaper and more reliable than what is present in the college bookstore


“This is a great study aid for me in my organic chemistry class”

Great study aid in my organic chemistry class! Has LOTS OF PIECES compared to other kits.


“Great Kit”

Great little kit! Taking a Chemistry class and this really helps you visualize the molecule shapes and angles.


“You can make that lid fit the box”

Excellent kit that will work for college General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry students. This Old Nobby kit has more 5-hole (trigonal bipyramid) and 6-hole (octahedral) atoms.

Joe Sprague

“Amazon Customer”

Pieces in this kit hold together very well and are pliable so they hold their shape even after a lot of bending.

Amazon Customer

“Great product, great company, highly recommended to anyone in upper level chem courses”

The pieces are easy to put together and take apart, but they are very sturdy when bonded together and hold their shape well.

James Brown

“Super Helpful”

I don’t regret getting this one at all. Came with enough time to figure out how to use it, super easy instructions, and definitely helped on that exam!



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